In New York, Segway tours are annoying, and make all the people involved look like jack-asses, foot tours are constantly clogging sidewalks, and bus tours in the city was just a bad idea to begin with. There's only one place where there isn't too much traffic, and it's the water. Luckily, Jetty Jumpers is offering jet-ski tours of the city, and the New York Times got some video of the guys chatting about what they do and getting some serious air on the waves.

This isn't some lame ride along with fun-killing speed restrictors either, customers are allowed to go as fast as they want, and the guides/instructors will keep up. Now you know what to do when people visit and say they want to go sight-seeing. Alternatively, now you know how to go sight-seeing in a much more fun way, that doesn't annoy the crap out of the locals who just want to buy some milk and go home.

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[via NY Times