Record and standing: 59-23, 2nd in Atlantic Division
Hall of Famer(s): Julius Erving
Scoring leader: Julius Erving (26.9 PPG)
Rebounds leader: Caldwell Jones (11.9 RPG)
Assists leader: Maurice Cheeks (7.0 APG)
Round eliminated: NBA Finals

For every legendary performance, there is a team on the wrong side of history. Such is the case with the 1979-80 Sixers, who despite a great season and playoff run are merely a footnote thanks to Magic Johnson's incredible effort at center in Game 6 of the Finals on the road in Philadelphia. The fact remains, though, that the Sixers squad was by all measures one of the league's best; they allowed the fourth fewest points per game and the lowest opponent field goal percentage, and were 10th in total offense.

Julius Erving was fourth in the league in scoring, and Darryl Dawkins (6'11") and Caldwell Jones (7'1") were a formidable presence in the paint. Despite these strengths, they wouldn't have enough to stop Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (for five games) and Magic in the Finals.