Career years: 1983-1988
Accolades: Three-time Olympic gold medalist (1988), World Championships gold medalist (1987)
Last stand: 1988 Summer Olypmics, Oct. 1, 1988, Seoul, South Korea: Women's 4 x 400 metre relay (USA wins Silver Medal)

Considered the "fastest woman of all time" based on her record-breaking performances at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Flo-Jo was the epitome of the all-American athlete. She was a beast on the track at UCLA with a flashy style to boot. After her unbelievable performance at the '88 games several suspected Joyner of steroid use, but after numerous drug tests she was cleared of any and all accusations. Joyner retired right after the Olympics and her acceptance of the 1988 James E. Sullivan Award, the honor given to the top amateur athlete in the United States.