For this weekend in sports, we're guessing a lot of people expected Floyd Mayweather to walk away as the winner, Knicks over the Celtics, and probably Thunder winning over the Grizzles. Perhaps nobody was expecting Shaquille O'Neal to be beefing this hard with disgraced baseball player turned fighter Jose Canseco, which looked like it started over the Mayweather fight:


Well, that escalated quickly. Shaq may be an NBA analyst now, but he's not gonna take such bad talk lightly. He straight up threatened Canseco on tweets he's since deleted, but you can check them out in the thumbnails. In the tweets, Shaq referenced Canseco's MMA loss to Choi Hong-man and his infamous expose on steroid usage in the MLB.

Shaq, however, left up this tweet: 

Yep, he went there. Canseco responded by saying he's more than welcome to fight O'Neal, but hopefully it doesn't escalate into that.

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[via USA TODAY Sports]