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Everything is ratchet these days. It has replaced ghetto as the word of choice when describing reckless behavior. Many athletes lead ratchet lifestyles and it often shows in their Twitter feeds. Some of these guys are too real for TV. Take Delonte West for example. While watching an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on athletes that go broke, he took to Twitter and shared his thoughts, saying he counted "2 mil in 2 dollar bills before I turned 21." He also likes Ciroc with his eggs. That's the type of ratchet behavior we know and love.

Darnell Dockett is another perfect example. He tweets dirty jokes and pictures of big ass guns. Then you have guys like Chad Johnson and JR Smith that interact with fans through their feed, but every now and again slip up and do something controversial. There's also cats like DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson that don't have ratchet Twitters as much as they live a ratchet life. Both guys want to rap and do things off the field that makes one scratch their head. Check out The 20 Most Ratchet Athletes on Twitter.

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