Back in December, a 16-year-old by the name of Taj posted the video that you see above to YouTube. In it, he claimed to be the son of Michael Jordan. He even said that he had met MJ before and that he wanted him to be a bigger part of his life. And now, it sounds like his mother Pamela Smith is going to try and force MJ to acknowledge her son as his son by taking him to court.

According to TMZ, Smith just filed a lawsuit against Jordan, claiming that he fathered Taj after having an affair with her back in 1995. She says that Taj, who was born in June 1996, is his son and that she's willing to take a paternity test to prove it. And, assuming a paternity test shows that Jordan is the father, she wants to start collecting child support from Jordan. Additionally, she also wants him to cover medical expenses for Taj and allow Taj to legally change his last name to Jordan.

No word yet from Jordan's camp on how MJ plans to respond. But, after all the love that he got last month when he celebrated his 50th birthday, we're guessing this is not the way he wanted to start off the month of March. More details to come soon.

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[via TMZ]