Date: 1/30/2000
Super Bowl: XXXIV
Matchup: Titans vs. Rams
Location: Atlanta

The Super Bowl clash between the Rams and the Titans was a wildly entertaining game, and with time left for just one more play the Rams were attempting to hold off a furious Titans comeback. After trailing by as many as 16 points in the second half, the Titans drove down to the St. Louis 10-yard line with just six seconds to play. It looked like Kevin Dyson was going to reach the end zone after making a catch on a quick slant, but out of nowhere Rams' linebacker Mike Jones grabbed his ankles and hauled him down just short of the goal line. Dyson's vain attempt to reach the ball out into the end zone has become one of the NFL's most iconic photos, and has been known to reduce die-hard Titans fans to tears.