2011-2012 Stats: 14.3 PPG 4.6 RPG 6.6 APG 1.6 SPG
2012-2013 Salary$5.7 million

Kyle Lowry is coming off of two solid seasons as the Rockets' starting point guard. So, the Rockets decided to trade him to Toronto for Gary Forbes and a first-round pick. They let Dragic walk as well and paid Jeremy Lin a lot of money—both guys would've been better than just Jeremy Lin. He's a way better defender and can actually run a pick and roll after the first defender shows.

Lowry is a solid, all-around point guard that can be a viable starter or the perfect back-up. His big frame allows him to take contact around the rim and defend bigger guards. Kyle's numbers are almost identical to Lin, but he doesn't look confused out there like Lin looked at times. Plus, Kyle has a larger sample size to go with, so you know what you're going to get out of a him. The Raptors might actually be fun to watch this year.