Remember how happy NFL players were when the real referees came back last week? Well, the honeymoon is already over.

During the Vikings/Titans game yesterday afternoon, Minnesota safety Harrison Smith got ejected in the second quarter after doing the one thing that players are not allowed to do to referees. He put his hands on a zebra who was trying to break up a small pushing match between Smith and several members of the Titans. And, while Smith has already come out and apologized to the ref, his team, and fans of the Vikings, he can expect a pretty large fine to be coming his way soon.

"It was just stupid for me to be involved," he said late yesterday. "I just got kind of caught up in the heat of the moment, and you can never touch the officials. They have a hard enough job as it is, and to make it harder on them is just stupid and is something I don't ever want to do from this point on."

That's probably a good idea. Both for Smith and for his bank account. Plus, he doesn't really want to beef with this guy, does he?

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[via Star Tribune]