Country: Montenegro
Drafted: 12th Overall, 1999
Team: Raptors
Stats: 1.7 PPG 2.4 RPG 0.5 APG
Seasons Played: 2
The 7'3" big man first made news when (then) Ohio St. coach Jim O'Brien "loaned" Aleksandar's mother $6,700 for his ailing father and was eventually fired. Radojevic never became a Buckeye and after two years of "domination" at Barton County Community College the Raptors (don't look so surprised) took him with the 12th pick. After a series of injuries, he only lasted a season and made a brief return in 2005 with the Jazz. Aleksandar went back overseas to a mediocre career. NBA coaches are always trying to make a project out of 7-footers and understandably so, but they miss way more than they make.