On Tuesday, we told you about—and, more importantly, showed you—the ATM machine that DeShawn Stevenson has in his kitchen. We thought it was the ultimate baller move by D-Steve. But, come to find out, he's not the first celebrity to have an ATM inside his house. In fact, he just admitted that he stole the idea to put an ATM in his kitchen from Rob Dyrdek, who also has one installed inside his house. Dyrdek hit Twitter this morning to explain why he needed it.

Stevenson told TMZ that he paid $3500 for the machine and that he often lets fellow NBA players use it before they head out for the night. He doesn't let them use it for free, though. If you're taking cash from the Bank of D-Steve, it'll cost you $4.50 per transaction.

"I like doing things that aren't normal," Stevenson said, "and it's cool to have."

You can say that again.

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[via TMZ]