Judging by the photo above, high school senior Rachel Bird is very pretty (and we'll stick with "pretty" since we're not sure exactly how old she is). So, we'd be surprised if she didn't have at least one or two guys banging down her door this spring asking to take her to prom. Yet, she decided to go a different route when it came time to head to the big dance recently. She took a cardboard cutout of Tim Tebow.

Stop laughing. We're not kidding here. Bird, who is a senior at Kingsley-Pierson High School in Kingsley, Iowa, got her mother to take her to a Staples last month to buy all the necessary supplies to create the cardboard cutout. Then, she took it to the prom and acted as if it was her real date all night. She even agreed to be introduced with her "escort" when she entered the gym where the prom was being held.

"It was awkward," she told the Sioux City Journal, "but people asked me to stop for photos during the grand march. Believe me, this isn't something I ever thought I'd be doing."

Some other weird things that happened: Bird danced with the cardboard cutout several times. Some guys in her class "accidentally" broke the handle on the cutout during a fast song (haters!). And, Bird asked the cutout to stand in the corner and wait for her on several occasions.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: The cardboard cutout of Tim Tebow didn't put out at the end of the night. Which is just about the only part of this story that shouldn't surprise you.

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