Antonio Cromartie isn't interested in doing a reality TV show with his baby mamas. But, one of the guys who he used to line up against isn't shying away from a similar opportunity.

Recently, Terrell Owens was approached by the producers of Dr. Phil and asked to appear on the show with the mothers of his children. And, somewhat surprisingly, he agreed to do it. The show, which will air on May 1, will feature Owens talking about the child support issues that have swirled around him in recent months, his relationships with the mothers of his four children, and his role as a father. It'll also feature three of his four baby mamas with Dr. Phil trying to work out some of the problems that Owens has with each of them.

It's official: T.O. will now do anything to stay in the spotlight. We'll have our popcorn ready.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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