Oh, Pip. Back in May, you tried to tell us that LeBron James, not your former teammate Michael Jordan, was going to go down as the greatest NBA player of all-time. You backtracked off those statements just a bit after he flamed out in the NBA Finals, but now you're reportedly back to saying that King James will be the G.O.A.T. again? Eesh.

"My position is still the same," Scottie Pippen said recently. "You're talking about a very young kid who came into the game at a very young age. Statistically, he will probably be the best player at the end of the day...based on the number of years he can get in, [he's a] super athlete, very versatile in a lot of ways...My comment was not meant to belittle the greatest player in the game—he has truly made his mark with his style, with his charisma, with his brand—but from a statistical standpoint, I think [LeBron] has great [potential] to be recognized as the best."

Ahhh, so now you're going with "statistically" to make your argument sound a little better, eh? Well, we can't argue with that. King James very well could end up with better career totals than the "greatest player in the game"—who, by the way, we notice you didn't mention by name! But your position sounds a whooooole lot different than it did back in May, son. How 'bout you just stop talking about LBJ and MJ altogether, mmkay? Because, at this point, you just sound silly. [via Eye on Basketball]