Sportswear brands like Nike and Air Jordan have a global impact. They attract consumers of all demographics to their products for a multitude of reason. Whether it's because of a connection to sports, high fashion, the latest streetwear trends or everyday wear, people go above and beyond to get their hands on desirable sneakers, but sadly, people often go too far. Violence in sneaker culture isn't something new, but with cases like the Brooklyn teenager losing an arm over Aqua VIIIs or the murder of East Coast Sneaker Boutique's co-owner Jamaal "Mally" Gaines, it can't be overlooked. 

Well, one father took a stand on the current state of sneaker culture, specifically Air Jordans, by burning his personal collection and vowing to never buy another pair for himself or his kids. He's not the first person to burn sneakers for one reason or another, and he surely won't be the last. 

"I know it's not just black folks, but I'm gonna talk about black folks for a second," said the man. "All you've seen is videos of black people running through the mall, waiting multiple hours, and kids getting killed for Jordans."

The man stood in front of his grill filled with 13 pairs of customized Air Jordans and spoke more before lighting them ablaze.

"I'm not buying another pair of for me or my kids," said the man. "I'm not going to be apart of the problem anymore. Fuck Jordans."

While burning the sneakers is symbolic to the man, it doesn't really affect sneaker culture or the attitudes of collectors. There are plenty of people who acquire Air Jordan through honest, non-violent means and there are still people willing to commit crimes for a pair.

Watch the video here.