Stephen Curry is without a doubt the hottest player in the league right now. Currently 48-5, Curry and the Golden State Warriors are on the road to possibly beating Michael Jordan and the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls' 72-10 record. Along with his MVP award, Championship title and possibly-recording-breaking momentum this season, the Under Armour signature athlete has also brought much success to the sportswear brand. 

In an interview with Investors Business Daily, NBA TV analyst and retired NBA baller Steve Smith talked about the Warriors' chance at beating the legendary record,  Curry's impact on Under Armour, and comparisons to Michael Jordan.

"I never thought that record could be broken because I got a chance to play against that team. Just look at how hard it is to win 72 games in a season," said Smith. "But if you look at the Warrior's chances right now and their buzz, they can actually win it."

Sportswear brands definitely benefit from the success of their signed athletes and Curry leading the Warriors to beat the record would be no different. Jordan Brand recently released a Air Jordan XI commemorating the Bulls' 72-10 record

Under Amour was founded in 1996 and didn't sell sneakers until as recent as 10 years ago. Despite LeBron James selling "10 times more" sneakers than Curry, Under Armour's sales increased 754 percent last season – an amazing accomplishment, too. Curry has generated a new consumer base from Under Armour products, bringing many young people to the brand. 

"Under Armour has not been a player in tennis shoes as long as the likes of a Nike, adidas, and Reebok," said Smith. "But now, a lot of youth playing on all levels are either sponsored by Under Armour or are individually going out to buy Under Armour shoes, so you gotta give Steph a lot of the credit."

When asked what Curry would have to do to come close to the legacy of Michael Jordan, Smith mentioned how popular Air Jordans still are.

"That's something else – you're talking about someone who's still the number one seller in tennis shoes," said Smith. "Obviously Curry's numbers rival Michael's numbers in terms of scoring, but the excitement and buzz is something that's totally different."

As popular as Curry may be, it looks like it's going to take a lot more than a broken wins record to come close to Jordan's popularity and legacy.