Kobe Bryant continued to bestow farewell presents to notable NBA players and the Grizzlies' Tony Allen was the latest to receive a pair of autographed Kobes.

Though neither player was in action last night, Bryant gifted Allen with a pair of his Nike Kobe XIs with a truly special message which Allen shared on his Twitter last night. On the sneakers, Bryant wrote, "To Tony, The best defended I ever faced!" Allen is known as one of the NBA's toughest defenders and Bryant's recognition and respect for his game validates Allen's defensive abilities.

Over the course of his career, Bryant has played against Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Gary Payton, and defensive stalwart Bruce Bowen so to proclaim Allen the best defender he's ever played against is a true honor for the Grizzlies' shutdown guard. 

Allen is the latest player to receive a pair of signed Kobes joining Draymond Green, LeBron James, and Paul George as some of the others to receive special recognition from Bryant.