Ever since Kanye West declared that the "Yeezys jumped over the Jumpman" on "New God Flow" a couple of years ago, people have been eager to prove him wrong. The reactions to his lyrics have gotten even angrier after he repeated the line on his new song "Facts," given that he was now referring to a pair of adidas doing the jumping. Like we've seen far too many times, someone decided to snap a shot of them stepping all over West's sneakers with a pair of Air Jordans, but this time someone did it with the ultimate flex.

Damegeez215 took to Instagram to share these photos of him crushing two pairs of adidas Yeezy Boost 350s with a pair of Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs, captioning it with "Yeezy did WHAT ??? Na jordan stays Undefeated!" Anyone who is familiar with this rare collaboration knows that its resell price can be as high as $30,0000. While this stepping on sneakers trend is a little corny, it's hard to argue against the strong point that Damegeez215's is making.