It sounds cliché, but the reality is that you need to go to college. Not just for the degree but also to open your eyes to new things. It is important that you are a sponge and interpret anything that captivates you. You may not use it all now, but two years from now you will remember that dope detail that you learned in Art History 101 and you can apply it to your next Jordan design.

One typical question that comes along with the college subject is what major you should take. The bulk of designers have some sort of Industrial Design degree that is specific to either Product Design or Transportation Design. Those are both great degrees, but remember that the creative process is just that — creative. So don't limit yourself to topics. I know plenty of designers that have degrees in Materials, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Sculpture and even Animation. The reality is that the creative process, as organic as it is, is similar in all fields. The most important thing is to learn the process, no matter what major you take.