Network: NBC

When thinking of D.C. in the '80s, you're instantly reminded of the Redskins' Doug Williams becoming the first black quarterback to lead a team to a Super Bowl victory, John Thompson's Georgetown Hoyas becoming black America's unofficial basketball team, and the notorious Rayful Edmond flooding the streets with crack.

Add 227 to that list, too, if it hasn't already flashed in your brain. Anchored by the dwellers of a middle-class apartment building, the show primarily focused on the lives of Lester and Mary Jenkins, and their teenage daughter Brenda. Joining them were the unfiltered Pearl and her grandson Calvin, who would later become Brenda's boyfriend. 227 became a showcase for the over-the-top personality of Sandra (played by the perfectly over-the-top Jackée Harry) and a young Countess Vaughn, who earned a recurring role after her appearance on Star Search.

During its peak, 227 experienced better ratings than every program with a largely African-American cast (with the obvious exception of The Cosby Show). These days, it lives on in syndication and an extremely random appearance in Pineapple Express. It's more than your grandmom's favorite show—it's your friendly neighborhood weed dealer's favorite, too.