World records are tricky. One minute you're bragging about being the fastest dog to ever skateboard through a human tunnel, the next minute you're being dethroned by a younger, chiller bulldog named Otto. Achieving and maintaining these seemingly arbitrary distinctions have proven just as difficult for humans, with a possible paradigm shift surrounding the oldest person alive title now taking shape in Brazil:

The guy on the left in the photo above, just 131 years young, is now being considered the new oldest person alive. Social security workers in Brazil are currently in the process of reaching out to Guinness Book of World Records officials, the Daily Mail reports. Guinness currently lists a 112-year-old man from Japan as the oldest person alive. Joao Coelho de Souza, however, is coming for the throne:

After sharing photos of Souza and an alleged birth certificate (above) on Facebook, the possible world record breaker was confirmed as very much still alive inside his home in Meruoca. Souza, reportedly born in 1884, has apparently attracted fervent supporters and equally fervent detractors.

"You hear everything," Souza's daughter tells the Mail. "People that criticize and say it's a lie and others that admire the fact someone can live so long. "It sometimes offends me because everything is documented and the documents have already been examined by experts to see if they'd been falsified and nothing abnormal was found."

Old is the new young.