The Rock, the most lovable mug in Hollywood, has set a new world record—but not for what you might think. He didn't bench press the most, or win the highest number of fight scenes in movies (although, undoubtedly, it's either him or Rocky Malone). No, the Rock took the most selfies—105 in three minutes—proving he is truly amazing at everything he does.

The Rock completed this feat at the London premiere of San Andreas last weekend—and overthrew Kim Kardashian, who previously held the title. The Rock was awarded with a shiny, framed Guinness World Record, and took a picture with two dudes who seem a little concerned but not unhappy to be standing next to him. (See above.)

I still have some questions though: how did they settle on the three-minute time period? And who holds the record for most selfies in five, ten, twenty minutes? Are selfie sticks allowed in this process? Is there any prize money involved? Asking for a friend. 

You can watch the whole thing unfold in the video above.