Dogs, who are simply cooler and way more into breaking world records than cats, are the best. That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the awesomely inspirational video above, but is something always worth repeating. Derby, born without front paws and small forelegs, was adopted from Paws and Peace by Tara Anderson. Anderson, according to Gizmag, just so happens to work for a 3D-printing company in Rock Hill, South Carolina by the name of 3D Systems.

After some trial and error runs at various shapes and sizes of prostheses, Anderson finally landed on a concept design that could potentially change Derby's life. On New Year's Eve, 3D Systems shared the clip above showing Derby taking his fresh prostheses out for a proper spin.

For the first time in his life, Derby (the clearly awesome) dog is able to sit and walk at a natural height. Dude is clearly stoked:

3D Systems

Happy New Year, Derby!