At this point in human history, the fact that dogs are just way more affable and generally more chill than cats is widely accepted as fact. Not quite convinced? Peep this dog riding the bus alone. Peep this dog skateboarding almost as well as Tony Hawk. One particular canine named Benny, however, is taking this whole dogs > cats thing to the next level.

Described by Dodo as a "sweet buy shy" dog, Benny was able to take a well-earned freedom walk after being adopted by a charmed family earlier this month. Benny, a now-former resident of the Carson Animal Care Center in California, quickly switches gears from bashful to stoked after realizing he was finally getting out of the slammer.

Sadly, the Carson Center is unfortunately a "high-kill shelter," meaning many potential pets are simply never fortunate enough to experience the joy of a united fam. Would a cat awesomely freak out at the thought of being adopted? Nah. Cats hate you and probably want to kill you. At any rate, we should all probably consider adopting cats and/or dogs by learning a bit more about the troubling realities facing many shelter animals not as lucky as Benny.