The ban declaring same-sex marriage in Florida has been done away with by a federal judge, though the ban only applies to the Florida Keys

The Associated Press makes it very clear that Circuit Judge Luis M. Garcia's ruling applies to Monroe County only. Garcia's ruling is the result of a lawsuit filed by gay couples who said the banimplemented in 2008violated the 14th amendment, which guarantees equal protection. 

According to the Associated Press, Attorney General Pam Bondi and supporters of the ban said the state has the power to define marriage, insisting that referendum vote should be recognized in this case. 

There's a similar lawsuit pending in Miami-Dade County, as well as a separate suit filed in a Tallahassee federal court that would force the entire state to not only allow gay marriage, but force it to recognize same-sex ceremonies performed in other states. 

Garcia said marriage licenses could not be issued in Monroe County until Tuesday.

[via Associated Press]

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