Nintendo is holding their E3 press conference today at 12 PM ET, and it's safe to say that the company will have major expectations to fulfill when they're discussing what is in store for the Wii U. Yes, Mario Kart 8 has breathed some new life into the long-suffocating console, but can the company build upon this momentum? We can only wait and see. 

However, if Shigeru Miyamoto's interview with TIME magazine is any indication, we're about to get some pretty mind-blowing news for the future of the console. During his conversation with Matt Peckham, Miyamoto confirmed news that Nintendo fans have been waiting to hear for awhile now: Star Fox is coming to the Wii U. 

Based on Miyamoto's descriptions, the game will be better than ever too. Apparently, Miyamoto has been working closely with the project to develop an entirely new control scheme, completely unlike anything the Wii or the Wii U has seen before. Using the Game Pad to aim and maneuver, you'll have to be looking at both the Game Pad and the TV in order to process everything happening in the game, sometimes executing "two or more maneuvers in 3D space simultaneously." According to Miyamoto, the intention of these new controls is "to make the game feel like you’re piloting your own aircraft." Furthermore, Nintendo's creative mastermind also noted that the new Star Fox will feature a helicopter vehicle which will potentially open the door for co-op gameplay within the title. 

Finally, Miyamoto said that we shouldn't expect Star Fox to be a one-and-done for the system either. Describing it as an episodic "TV series", Miyamoto stated that, "with this Star Fox we may take a different approach, so that rather than one big title we have multiple releases that are connected through different missions." 

We'll happily subscribe to more Star Fox if Nintendo is putting this much work into it. Be sure to tune in for the Nintendo press conference, which will undoubtedly feature more information on the forthcoming title. 

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