Wherefore art thou, Edgar Wright?

Indiewire is reporting that yet another director—this time Rawson Thurberhas passed on the seemingly snake-bitten Marvel film Ant-Man. Thurber been a frontrunner to replace Wright after he left the project about 10 days ago, but along with co-favorites Adam McKay and Reuben Fleischer, he has declined to take on the project.

While on the surface it would seem like a dream gig given its bankable star (Paul Rudd) and powerful studio backing (Marvel), there are a lot of red flags for a potential director. Marvel has committed to keeping with its previously scheduled timeline for the film, meaning a new director would have very little time to throw everything together and place his or her own stamp on the film in time for its studio-mandated July 17, 2015 release.

Wright had already been long at work on pre-production and the script would basically have to remain exactly the same, meaning the new director would have little or no opportunity to put his or her own creative stamp on the film. There’s also the matter of Marvel itself, which has a less-than-stellar history with its directors.

So where does that leave Marvel? Basically, back to square one. They have barely over a year to find a director, get the movie made, and release it globally. With every passing day, the likelihood of Ant-Man turning into a complete on-screen disaster grows larger.

[via Indiewire]