After Adam McKay bowed out of consideration to direct the increasingly snake-bitten Ant-Man, it appears another potential director is also unavailable. Reuben Fleischer—who directed Zombieland and was seen as a strong candidate to take over Ant-Man due to his similar sensibilities to former director Edgar Wright—is now seen as the frontrunner to instead direct Ghostbusters 3.

His ability to blend horror and comedy make him a logical choice for the reboot, which has had innumerable starts and stops over the last several years. While nothing is official, if Sony really wants Fleischer the rumors swirling around Ant-Man will surely be enough to motivate them to get a deal done.

So, assuming Fleischer is out, that really only leaves We’re the Millers director Rawson Thurber Marshall as the last choice standing among the early contenders (The Wrap recently indicated as much).

Or, maybe, Marvel will realize that nobody wants to work with them, which will lead to some serious introspection, which will lead to them reforming their ways, which will lead to an emotional reunion with Wright, which will lead to an awesome movie.

OK, so probably not. But, please, let us dream!

[via Screen Rant]