A teenage runaway survived a five and a half hour flight from California to Hawaii inside of the wheel well of a passenger jet. 

After leaving home, the unidentified 16-year-old reportedly hid inside of the wheel well after hopping the gate at Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, Calif. and strolling onto the tarmac yesterday morning. Somehow, he endured the flight which spanned 2,400 miles and ascended to 38,000 feet, scarce oxygen and all. 

FBI spokesman Tom Simon told the Associated Press that the boy doesn't remember the flight because he was "unconscious for the lion's share [of it]." 

When airline staff noticed him on the tarmac of Maui's Kahului Airport without proper identification, they alerted authorities, who detained him briefly. He was ultimately released to child protective services after being examined by doctors, and, remarkably, was uninjured. "Kid's lucky to be alive," Simon said. Amen to that. 

Also worth noting: He won't be charged. If nothing else, he has one hell of a story.

[via Gawker and Associated Press]

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