First thing's first: the baby is totally fine. Lee Palmer and his partner—the ironically named Teresa Barker, however, may want to think about getting a new pet.

It all started when the Portland, Oregon couple's 22 pound cat Lux went bonkers and attacked their baby. To save the child, Palmer kicked the Himalayan in the butt, which just infuriated him even more. The family then sought refuge in its bedroom and called the police ("Yeah, hi. I have kind of a particular emergency here," the call begins). Thankfully, after a discussion that will go down as one one of the stranger emergency calls the Portland police have ever received, the cops apprehended the animal. 

It should also be noted that the family's dog, a black Pomeranian named Smokey, had fled the scene unscathed. Listen to the audio here: 

[via New York Daily News]

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