The Power Rangers series has always based their multi-transforming, robots around a central theme. 

Animals, ninjas, cars, and now, trains, always combine to form some variation on the all-powerful Megazord. The newest Power Rangers series in Japan is all locomotives all the time and like any Power Rangers series there's the obligatory action figure tie-in.

This action figure also has a giant train shaped erection.

These new figures are called Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa, which roughly translates to “Furious Train Squadron Limited Express Rangers” because Japanese.

Here's what the Megazord looks like fully assembled.

And here's what the Megazord looks like when in a state of full locomotive tumescence:

The instructions for the figure are very specific about that middle red train being fully lifted to full mast. Don't believe us? Here are what the instructions look like:

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[via Kotaku]