While you were out kissing your boo (or some random) on New Year’s Eve, the website SnapchatDB! posted files that contained more than 4 million Snapchat usernames, and the phone numbers associated with them. It’s a huge leak of info (one that Snapchat could have prevented, and didn’t). So far, the website is obscuring the last two digits of the users’ phone numbers. BUT, they’ve said they’ll release everyone’s full phone number "under certain circumstances."

Those users, in turn, can become targets for spam, or unwanted attention from whoever has their number. So, how do you find out if you’re one of the unlucky 4 million? Another website, Gibson Security, retrieved the information and set up an online database so people can find out if they were targeted. Go here and type in your username to see if your phone number was leaked.

Turns out, mine was one of them. So, if you’re like me—in that your number was leaked AND you want to take the next appropriate course of action—then you probably want to delete your Snapchat account and move on with your life. If that’s the case, go here and login with your Snapchat info. From there, agree to delete your account, and voila. Just hope SnapchatDB! doesn’t release your number to all of the spammers ready to eat it up.