Square-Enix practically has a monopoly on mobile price gouging, but there are few games in or out of their catalog more cynical than the execrable All The Bravest.

ATB isn't really a game so much as it is an insidious money grab disguised as one – ostensibly you're given an ultra-lean (as in, you can attack and that's it) version of the series famous Active Time Battle and a slew of warriors that all gang up to kill baddies without any story, towns, dungeons or anything that would make this an actual video game, much less an entry in a beloved JRPG series.

Here's where it gets nasty: all of your characters die in one hit and you can only revive them by spending money or waiting the typical BS free-to-play real-world allotted time system before trying again. Of course, with the way the game's breakneck battles are designed – just touch the screen to make your party attack – no one dumb enough to play ATB is going to wait, reducing players to forking over actual money to mindlessly tap on a touchscreen until you fall again or your foe does.

Easily one of the most shamelessly exploitative middle fingers to fans ever pulled in the industry.