YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim left his first comment on the site for the first time in EIGHT YEARS. What gives?  

You may recognize Karim as being the star of the very first video ever uploaded to YouTubeTurns out, Karim seems to be mad at the recent changes Google has made to the comments section in YouTube. In an effort to curb anonymity, Google has recently started too implement a new system that puts priority on showing relevant comments from the creator of the video, popular people, and your Google+ friends. Which means Google+ and your real name (via +) is required. Some people have said they won't get a Google+ account, and will stop commenting altogether. Google, for its part, was prompted to make the change in response to the extremely negative and offensive comments that can appear on the site, many coming from anonymous accounts. The logic here is that if you're using your real name, you'll be more inclined NOT to leave an offensive comment. Also, by requiring commenters to have a Google+ profile, it could help the network get some more users signed-up, though it doesn't mean they'll actually use it.

Karim made about $65 million when he and other co-founders sold YouTube to Google. 

[via The Guardian]