Twitter and its CEO, Dick Costolo, have taken heat in recent weeks over the lack of any women on the company's board.

Reports are speculating that Twitter may finally be ready to put a woman on the board, after the company goes public next week. But while one may think that a woman with tech experience might be leading the list of candidates, sources are saying that Costolo and the board want someone with international experience. Why? Because, even now, but more so after the IPO, Twitter is a global company, and will continue to grow and face problems along the way. With that, some are saying former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be a top choice, but there hasn't been any sign that she has been contacted for a director position yet. Also, she'll probably be the Democrat's nomination for president in 2016, so she'll likely have her hands full. Next in line would be Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, both the former Secretary of State under different administrations. Truth is, there are probably a lot of different women who will be fit for the job; and with more women using Twitter than men, it's about time.

[via All Things D]