Okay, so he didn't really freestyle, per se. But he did go off. 

In New York, today's election day. And this morning, on Hot 97, the former Governor and Attorney General of New York, Eliot Spitzer—who resigned from his post as Governor in 2008, after a prostitution scandal surfaced—dropped by to talk some realness about his campaign for Comptroller of New York City, which effectively ends today with the New York City Democratic Primary.

It was kind of amazing. Especially considering—as pointed out by Tessa Stuart at Runnin' Scared—that Spitzer once fined Hot 97 a shitton of money for something called "Smackfest." Full interview here, with highlights below:

Spitzer on what Comptroller does: "We count the money, we make the money count. We are the ones who make sure your dollars...get used the right way."

Spitzer on the basics of why you should vote for him: "I'm the only independent voice in this political scene right now. They threw me out. They didn't like me. Because I stood up, and they said, 'Whoa, you're rocking the boat.' My opponent gave the mayor a third term. It's very simple: Do you give a guy like that another chance to keep the status quo, or do you give me—a guy who shook up the system—a chance to say 'Things are not going the right way.'"

Spitzer on his past: "I was the only who said give immagrants a fair shot. I was the only one who said Wall Street's leading us down a bad path. They didn't like that." 

Peter Rosenberg, when asked by Spitzer what kind of dog he is: "A pitbull."

Spitzer, on the meaning of comptroller: "Let's be crass: Money is power."

Spitzer on where he comes from: "I'm lucky. My Dad started with nothing. Didn't have two nickles to rub together. We build. Bricks and mortar, real things. We build jobs." 

Spitzer, on how you can relate to him: "I get my coffee at Dunkin Donuts because I don't like to pay what Starbucks charges."

When Rosenberg asked if he thinks Anthony Weiner's pitfalls have negatively affected Spitzer: "Yeah, in some way, of course...But people have differentiated us. People look at me on the totality of my career. They know that I've made mistakes, but I made a difference. People know what I did."

E-Bro on why people wouldn't vote for Spitzer: "I'm calling you Spitzy. It's not that people think you're not qualified. It has to do with the past. Today when people go out and vote, they need to go look at it, and say, 'This is the CFO of our city.' I'm a registered independent. If I want a guy who runs a business right, I want a guy who's been successful at business." 

When Rosenberg asked why the newspapers went after Spitzer: "They're the establishment. They endorsed Mitt Romney. These are right-wing voices. When you read the tabloids, it's fun! But don't believe that trash."

Spitzer, on what the result may bring: "What I've said to the public is that they will make this judgement, and either way, I will respect that judgement. Whatever the verdict of the people is, that's fine with me...This is a referendum on me. [Stringer] is a career politician." 

If comptroller doesn't work out for Spitzer: "I wanna be a DJ on a radio show. You guys got any openings?"

Hot 97 previously endorsed Bill De Blasio for Mayor of New York City. If you live in New York, don't forget to vote today. It's gonna be a big one.

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