UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will launch in November, but that it will not be on the 8. Well that rules out one day, maybe it'll come out earlier!


Unconfirmed rumors are swirling around when the Xbox One will finally be released. According to the latest leak, Xbox One will be out on November 8, a week before the PlayStation 4.

Kotaku revealed that a source that handles signage and product placement for Walmart passed along an alleged email for an internal conference call that lists all midnight openings the retail giant has planned.

Alongside big holiday games and a full week before the PlayStation 4 launch, is the Xbox One on November 8. Note that unlike the rest “confirmed” games, the Xbox One has yet to be, suggesting Microsoft has yet to set the exact date.

Of course these are all rumors so there is no reason to set up your tent outside Walmart just yet. It is interesting though that Microsoft is trying to get a week jump on Sony when the core audiences have already made up their mind.

This image was leaked to Kotaku:

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[Via Kotaku]