Following a montage of Mimi cursing people out, throwing water bottles, yelling at her friends, and cursing out more people, Mona asked Mimi whether or not she truly thought she was happy. Mimi gave the wrong answer, but in her defense, procreating with Stevie J sounds like the perfect recipe for a couple decades of high blood pressure and high-stress levels. Speaking of, Stevie J tried to apologize for his behavior, only Mimi refused to accept it, finding it insincere.

After that awkward exchange, Mimi’s on again, off again boyfriend Steebie 2.0 Nikko reappeared. K. Michelle exited the stage and I wish the rest of us viewers at home could’ve joined her. Why? Because we were subjected to Nikko—who is so thirsty to be famous he’d need to drink all of Lake Pontchartrain to calm him down—throwing his “Thursday wad” at Stevie J. Stevie J countered, only Mona said it best when she quipped, “I get it. You guys got paper. We all got paper up here.” Well, Mona had the most money on the stage and she wasn’t tossing her cash in the air.

Bottom line: Arianne was on stage, looking hella upgraded and should have been given more time to speak. She clocked Nikko for the opportunist that he appears to be. He can go, but Arianne, don’t you leave me.