Executive producer and reunion show host Mona Scott-Young immediately dove into the melodrama surrounding Kirk and Rasheeda’s marital problems. Clearly aware of how sexual intercourse and childbirth works, Mona asked Kirk if he truly thought the pull-out method was an effective way to combat unplanned pregnancies.

As soon as he uttered yet another "yes" to a question begging for a loud “NO!,” it was clear that Kirk was not going to have any epiphanies about his antics on that couch. He still thinks Rasheeda gave him a pass to cheat on his pregnant wife on national television. He continues to rationalize his infidelity by talking about the stress surrounding his life at the time. He refuses to offer anything besides a half-assed apology.

He did, however, find a way to blame Rasheeda for not being there for him when he needed her. Plus, he perpetuated a double standard by saying, had Rasheeda pulled a Kirk, their relationship would be over. Rasheeda denied rumors that the two of them faked their drama for screen time. I believe her, but best believe we don’t need another season-long story arc on their marital strife. Good luck. 

And considering that as of late Rasheeda and Kirk have been spotted together everywhere but a courtroom finalizing their divorce, I’d say the best part of their segment was the shot of K. Michelle drinking Myx Moscato.