If Samsung is James Bond, Apple is its Goldfinger: Apple will be offering a gold-toned design for its next generation of iPhone, set to be announced in just two weeks. 

There have been rumors for months that a slew of different colors would be released with the new budget iPhone, but nothing has been said until now about the colors of the non-budget (?) version—the as of now named iPhone 5S. Sources have described the new iPhone as having an "elegant" gold tone, which should be thought of as "champagne" and not "ingot." The face of the phone will come in white, with its edgings and backplate coming in gold.

The new generation of the iPhone is expected to be announced next month on Sept. 10, during an event Apple has scheduled. So far, we're expecting the bugget iPhone (iPhone 5C) to be announced, along with the 5S, which we're expecting to come with a new fingerprint identification feature and updated camera—both versions of the iPhone will be coming with iOS 7. It's no longer a black or white world. 

Check back for more rumors and updates leading up to the event. 

[via All Things D]