Where: Grill 'Em All 
City: Los Angeles, CA
Address: 19 E. Main St.
Website: http://grillemalltruck.com/
Cost: $8

Hats off and horns up to Los Angeles' Grill 'Em All truck, a rock 'n roll themed rollin' burger shack that names their burgs after hedonistic rock stars. Most of the burgers are pretty crazy, but a stand-out is the Dee Snider which has stick to the roof of your mouf peanut butter, cripsy bacon, and schoolyard strawberry jelly all on top of a whopping burger. But what really turns this burger up to 11? The kick of Los Angeles' favorite hot accoutrement, Sriracha. It's lovingly called cock sauce because of the rooster on the bottle, but after enough Dee Sniders your pants will stuff themselves.