Third time's the charm? People reports that Halle Berry, who once famously declared that she'd never marry again, said 'I Do' once again, this time to fellow thespian Olivier Martinez, her boyfriend of three years and fiancé since 2012. They met on the set of otherwise forgettable action thriller Dark Tide (this is his first marriage; her first two were to David Justice and Eric Benet).

The happy couple will add to their brood sooner rather than later - they're expecting a child later this fall. Halle already has one daughter, Nahla. You'll remember, Olivier had to administer the fade to her father, Gabriel Aubry, when he showed up at the couple's house last Thanksgiving acting crazy.

They married at a chateau in France with a small group of family and friends in attendance, and a fireworks display during a post-ceremony dinner. Somewhere, in a dimly lit studio, Drake puffs shisha and weeps.

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 [via People]