If you were wondering how all those prosthetic limbs and piece of flesh in this year's Evil Dead looked like off camera, good news: It looks like the DVD of the film shows us all that and more in its myriad of extras and behind the scenes content. Also, good news, it's not as jarring seeing a fake, bloodied arm lying on a table under bright lighting as it is seeing a character rip it clean off their body in a dimly lit scene!

So, in honor of the DVD's release (go cop it now), here's a never-before-seen clip featuring star Jane Levy giving us all a short tour of the film's make-up department, and giving us a look at how exactly those hard-working make-up artists make all the burns, sores, bloody limbs and gigantic life-threatening gashes we see on screen look uncomfortably real. 

You can check out the exclusive clip above. 

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