Yesterday was the official first day of E3 and it was complete sensory overload. Wandering through the seemingly endless labyrinth of corridors, I felt like I was lost in a vendor's bazaar.

The words on everyone's lips is about the console war between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, especially after the bashing Xbox took the night before at the PlayStation media briefing.

Here we are on the second day with the big three (Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo) pulling out the big guns with playable demo stations, promotional giveaways, booth models and smiling game company reps. Security is a bit tighter this year as you have to show both a valid badge and ID in order to get into most areas.

The old days of badge swapping are over as E3 isn't playing that game anymore.

It's uncommon to see people engaging in light cosplay at E3 since it's a trade-only event, but that didn't stop a couple of people from paying tribute to their favorites. We spotted a Samus Aran cosplayer who got a lot of love at Nintendo's gigantic booth. The area also had photo stations where attendees could take photos with statues of their favorite Nintendo characters like Mario and Donkey Kong. One of the most popular was the Bayonetta booth where fans of the baddest witch in the game could be immortalized with a picture. In addition to taking a photo with Bayonetta, there were gaming stations set up to test drive Bayonetta 2.

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