James Franco wears many, many hats. From RiFF RaFF doppelganger to Gucci documentarian, Franco has as many pursuits as he does acting roles.

Could video game criticism be one of Franco's next creative endeavors? Franco has recently begun writing film reviews for Vice Magazine with his column A Few Impressions. His latest review of  Leviathan, a documentary about the commercial fishing industry, had the actor mention a book he was reading while waiting for the film to begin.

"Before the movie I sat in the lobby and read Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter."

Extra Lives by Tom Bissell is widely considered a seminal and academic dissection of video games as an art form and what effect the medium has on storytelling. Bissell discusses moral impact in games like Mass Effect as well as the literary merit of Rockstar's more B-Movie flavored scripts. 

Considering Franco's stints as a professional university student, it doesn't seem entirely outside the realm of possibility.

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