A man in his 50s strays from his honest life in the world of education to the dark side when he learns he has cancer. Not only is this the premise of the award-winning drama Breaking Bad, it's the life of Stephen Doran. The middle school tutor, former Massachusetts state representative and real-life Walter White was arrested on Tuesday for trafficking meth. 

Authorities say that the 57-year-old Doran, a tutor at Match Charter Middle School, was caught with 480 grams of what's believed to be meth during his commute from the school. Police searched his home, finding another 38 grams of the substance, a digital scale and $10,000 in cash. According to prosecutors, the drugs are worth $50,000 on the street. 

Doran has stage lll cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Match Charter chief operating officer Michael Larsson says that Doran will no longer work at the school, especially since it looks like he had meth sent to the job. 

Doran represented the 15th Middlesex House District for seven terms between 1980 and 1994. This should hold everyone over until the final episodes of Breaking Bad  air later this summer.

[via Boston Globe]

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