"Across the Sea"

The hour in which you learned everything you needed (but not wanted) to know about both Jacob and his murderous brother turned Smoke Monster. It should have been awesome, epic, and informative. Instead its scope was narrow, it raised even more questions than it answered, and it still stands as the show’s goofiest episode. (Goofiest, not worst. That honor still belongs to "Stranger in a Strange Land.")

Allison Janney was terrific as the formidable, duplicitous “Mother.” But just learning of her character creates a whole new host of questions that can’t be answered in forty minutes, but there are some that were just avoided completely, for no reason. Like, how did she wreck an entire community, and destroy their village? Certain shots suggest she had a little black smoke in her herself…so why not show that?!

Speaking of Smokey, this episode revealed that his grand desire and motivation is to finally get off that damn island. Cool. But what the hell was he even going to do on the mainland? Don’t even get us started on the Island’s magical light, that must be protected at all cost, but can also be harnessed by…a wheel. Damon Lindelof once referenced the notorious midi-chlorian scene from Phantom Menace, as a cautionary tale for the dangers of exposition. He should’ve taken his own advice.