The story of Jaimee Foxworth is one littered with child actor clichés. It all begins with her becoming a young star on the ‘80s/’90s sitcom, Family Matters. As Judy Winslow, Foxworth was the requisite cute child on the show, there to have audiences laughing each because of her precocious comebacks and cherubic smile. Unfortunately for Foxworth, Jaleel White took all of her attention when Steve Urkel became the show’s breakout character.

There was seemingly no room for Foxworth in the cast with White around, and after four seasons on the show, Judy went upstairs one episode and never came back down. She'd been written off via the Chuck Cunningham apporach, and audiences never saw her again. For years no one heard or saw much of Foxworth publicly—until she surfaced some years later as the porn star “Crave.”

From 2000-2002, Foxworth was a regular in the porn scene as she dealt with financial and personal drug problems off camera. Since then, she's straightened her life out, and appeared in 2009 in The Jeffersons: A XXX Parody, but without fucking anyone.