James Franco will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce this Thursday. Oz the Great and Powerful comes out on Friday. Hmm.

Unfortunately though, the WoF stars are not bestowed upon entertainers when the industry feels they have earned them. Anyone (including us plebeians) can nominate; the entertainer in question has to agree and the committee votes. Then there's a $30,000 fee. Neither Julia Roberts nor Clint Eastwood have stars—they both said no. George Clooney wouldn't agree to be at the ceremony. Al Pacino and Denzel Washington are also missing.

Richard Burton is also getting a (posthumous) star this week, next to Elizabeth Taylor's. Some of the other 2013 honorees include Viola Davis, Ron Howard, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Backstreet Boys

Franco's friends Seth Rogan and Sam Raimi (Oz's director) are set to speak at his ceremony on Thursday.

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[via Digital Spy]