Authors: Legs McNeil and Jennifer Osborne
Original publication date: 2006

No, that's not a fake book cover we've designed to throw you off. Yes, we are putting an oral history of the porno flick alongside books graced by names like Truffaut, Hitchcock, Lumet, and Bazin. Hear us out.

Whether you're a lotion-abusing skin flick junkie or a prudish square, there's no denying that the adult film industry is successful and impactful enough to warrant some kind of historical retrospective. And there's no better one than The Other Hollywood, a vibrant and comprehensive walk through the entire spectrum of skin cinema, ranging from 1950s nude photoshoots to the movies that today's kids sneak into sex shops to buy and stash under their mattresses.

It's not G-spots and secondhand seductions. The Other Hollywood focuses primarily on the T&A game's dark side, touching upon suicides, Mafia hits, and other tragedies that've offset all of the orgasms, cheap sets, and bad acting. —MB